How can I get a camera location without shaking ( delaying )

I want to set a location of an actor to the half position between a character and a camera. Then I was implement a simple blueprint but I cannot get my expected correct camera location. It was shaking ( delaying maybe ).

The BP and a video: - Album on Imgur


  1. Create a project with Third Person template.
  2. Disable the DoCollisionTest of the CameraBoom of the ThirdPersonCharacter.
  3. Add a pawn ( Cone or else ) blueprint in a scene.
  4. Add the blueprint code ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ).

How can I get the correct camera location in a frame without shaking ( delaying ) in this situation?

In Class Defaults of the jiggly object, expand a hidden panel of Actor Tick tab - change this object’s Tick Group to Post Update Work.

It is the nice answer! It solved. And, I added image and video based on this answer.
Thank you.