How can I gently push small and light physics objects?

I want to make the player characters and small objects physically interact in my game.
These small objects are set at 10KG mass. And when I did the play test, I saw it bounce off at a very high speed like in the video.
I want these objects to be pushed out slightly when the character moves. I need some advice on how to do that.
Thank you.

Hi @hysecha

Any physics interaction should have a level of force/impulse applied to the objects you collide with.

Not sure if its in your Character or in your objects. You could try setting the mass higher and see how the results fair.


Hi Hysecha,

You can also try ‘calming these cubes down’ by increasing the Angular/Linear Damping. (In the mesh details under the physics section)

Hope that helps!


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Thanks and happy developing! :slight_smile: