How can I force click-button two perform two types of action?

HI, I have a problem - I need to script two functions to one button, but I dont know how to do that. For example I have a “start new game” button, that should remove main menu widget and load selected level simultaneously, any idea ? What command do I have to use ?

I made some preview: Grafika na

Could it be that you search for a sequence node? :wink:

Though just putting them behind each other works just as well.

Thanks a lot, I tried both methods, but none of them works - I need to force my main menu widget to dissapear from screen and force engine to load new map simultaneously after I click a “new game button”.

And this is how my main menu blueprint looks like

Ah I see. So first of all you have to realize that nothing you ever code in a computer will happen simultaneously. At least not if it’s working together.

But more importantly in this case the engine will start to load the level which stops everything happening in the old map. So you will have to put this node always at the end of everything you want to do.