How can I fix UI in UE 4.16 from pixellating?

Ok so, A while back we had a package of our project and the UI was working great and looked sharp. After an unidentified build, most of the UI in the HUD got pixellated and looks very weird. I am not the one making the integration per se, but yesterday, we found a link here with a similar problem, we did as the link said but now I feel the UI looks worst. The link talked about changing the compression setting of the actual image to Bi-linear or Tri-linear and instead of putting the image as UI, to put it as Bitmat something. Like 3-5 things in the image needed to be changed and it seemed like it was fixed but after testing it in-game it went back to pixellating and now it looks worst. Is it there that it needs to be fixed? In the image? The images are PNG between 72-150 resolution, either 256x256 or 512x512 with transparencies. I really want to help the team to fix this issue, if there is any info lacking, needed to help, just ask me and I will find out to see if I can help pinpoint the problem sooner.