How can i fix my glossy looking material?

so i tried making a material out of the textures i have and so far for the grass texture this is what it turned out to be

I tried a few things, but I don’t know what exactly to do, any suggestions?

Roughness controls how glossy a texture looks. 0 is smooth, 1 is rough. A specular value or texture is not needed, with physically based rendering the specular should normally controlled by the metalness input. There’s plenty of documentation on the UE4 wiki.

for grass you should really be using a non-scalar input for the roughness. a 0.5 value on avarage is ok, but I’d be substituting your specular input there for the roughness one. just change those lerp values to 0.5 + 0.8 to start with, and plug that in to roughness with nothing in specular.
also for iteration and learning purposes, right-click those values and convert them to parameters, then change their names as it wont work if they both have the same name, then right-click your material and create an instance of it, open that and assign it to your mesh or whatever and you can edit the numbers in real-time without having to re-compile everything.