How can I find the side(left,right,front or back) of my character when as been hit

Hello guys!

I have an enemy that shoots my character, I intend to make an interface that through the side where my character was hit, show the side where it was hit, below I made a very ugly example but I think it explains well the context of the question .

Thanks in advance!!

After a few hours of thinking about calculations, I began to think that this was simpler than I thought it was, by researching the unreal documentation I found the blueprint node called “Get dot Product to”, which did exactly what I wanted , below is the process I did to solve the problem. Thank you guys! I hope my question, answer the question of many others.


Thank you!!! This is almost exactly what I was looking for, but how do you distinguish left from right?
Same range from -.5 to .5
I’m sure I am overlooking something…