How can I find the implementation of a Blueprint node?

I know that it is possible to right click a node and choose “Goto Code Definition” but when I try this with “Add Spline Mesh Component” it opens Actor.h and there is nothing related to splines in Actor.h.

Could this be a bug? Where would I find the source code for this node? I have looked everywhere, I am unable to find it. Maybe it’s auto generated?

If you are using Visual Studio and that implementation is in C++ then maybe you can find it by pressing Ctrl+F in Visual Studio and pick “Entire Solution” from the dropdown and specify some unique word to search for. Could be slow and probably not optimal, but that is how I would do it if i felt lost.

The Add Component nodes are auto-generated based on the list of BlueprintSpawnableComponents.

The actual node itself is K2Node_AddComponent. On compilation it uses ExpandNode to generate a handful of nodes for setting the exposed properties and the call to (which I think is what you’re particularly interested) AActor::AddComponent