How can i find location with set view target with blend

So im trying to make a mini cinematic when i do a big attack using the set view target with blend node and i dont know how i can get the location i want ive been trying different things but nothing has worked yet

Edit: Sorry didn’t see the picture! Don’t know if my answer will give you anything.

The Set Target With Blend transitions the players point of view from one camera to another.
You hook up the camera you want to go to in the New View Target and the Player Controller in the Target. The blend time is then how long the transition should take.

Is that what you want to do?

If you only want to move the camera to zoom into the attack position I think I would use a Timeline which drives the camera between Current Position and Attack Position.

hey thanks for the answer idk how to use timelines all i want is to spawn the camera facing the player on a cool angle but it spawns it all over the level i might be using wrong nodes im not sure

hm, ok. So you have a camera on the character/pawn I presume. That will be your start location for some type of animation (timeline or blend transitions doesn’t matter right now).

When your character is entering, we can call it Big Attack Mode, you want to change the view to some standard Big Attack Mode Camera Angle (?) or do you want to change it to focus om some enemy?

If this Camera Angle always has the same relative position from the Standard Character Camera, then I would add on more Camera Actor Component inside of the Character and call it Big Attack Camera. When you enter Big Attack Mode you use the Set Target With Blend with the Big Attack Camera as New View Target. And when you leave the Big Attack Mode you use the Set Target With Blend with the Standard Character Camera as New View Target.

If the Camera Angle is different every time, like focus on a enemy, I would like above add a new Camera Actor Component inside the Character. When entering Big Attack Mode i grab the location of enemy, set that as the location of the Big Attack Camera and then Set Target With Blend as above.

yes thank you very much! i just did the standard one and this worked perfect however the random one seems interesting il give it a shot thank you!

Cool! Glad I could help :slight_smile: