How can i find free assets on the marketplace?

i tried to search for free assets on the marketplace, i found the Epic Games profile and it’s already great but i was wondering if there was some search options that i missed to only show free assets?

Just navigate into the forums :wink:

There are no such search options on the marketplace. I’d love it if they existed, but nope, no search by price.

Just scroll, it would take some time, but since the free one have “free” instead of numbers, you would notice it easily. Also it would help to know what actually exist out here.

You made my day franktech :wink: I’ve been quoted by ‘teh franktech’ !! lol…my answer was the beginning of a long search for githubgameyeah indeed, a kind of ‘‘point of start’’ :slight_smile:

It is really hard to tease these days indeed :wink:

Yeah, i am old and fat :wink:

Absolutely not as you may know but we can thank the internet every day, it provides good opportunities.

You can actually find free assets by selecting a category of package you need! It would not display filter if you are on marketplace homepage.

Or you can visit here Browse and Search the Unreal Engine Marketplace - UE Marketplace