How can I extend Unreal Editor??

Hey McStrife,

This is a little old, but it should give you a great starting point as far as how to go about extending the editor:

Have a great day

Hey guys,

I have a little problem here.

I want to write a plugin, which extends the Unreal Editor by a new Button on the Toolbar (next to Compile Button).
This Button should create a new Window (similar to Blueprint Editor, also with custom Nodes).
My problems are:

  • Where should I put the code to create the Toolbar Button? In my StartupModule Function?
  • Do you know any good references or projects where someone made something similar?
  • How do I render custom Nodes? Can I do these with slate?

Thanks in advance for your answer :slight_smile:


Yeah, or try using a plugin template.

That tutorial was terrible. Jumped around everywhere. By the 10 minute mark, I had to look for actual documentation cos I could not understand what how he was accessing half the functionality (includes)
In the end, I wonder why I did not just stick to documentation.