How can I export an animation with a preview mesh of a specific LOD?

I recently purchased a character, and it had project spaces for Unity, Unreal, and then just regular .fbx and .obj files.
I decided to work with the model in Unreal, because the Unreal editor is just so … nice. Its very easy to use and feels ‘solid’ compared to others.
However, the game engine I am using is not Unreal, so I needed to export the Character and Animations.

For the character, this was slightly complicated, as I needed to export from Unreal, then Import into Blender, so I could make edits, and remove other LOD’s other than the one I wanted to use.

However with the animations, I wanted to export from Unreal, and then directly Import into the game engine I am using. However, the game engine says the preview mesh is too large (cant be larger than 10k tris)

So after spending days in Unreal trying to get the exported animation preview mesh to export only a specific LOD (LOD 2) in this case, I decided to find a forum and ask.

Is there a way I can set the preview animation for exporting to .fbx to be a lower LOD than the default? Even better, can a mesh rigged to a skeleton be exported at a specific LOD level?

Sorry for the extra long rambling, I never said I was good at posting questions :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for any help or insight into this.