How can I export a model with textures and materials from UE4 to MODO 10

I have a model that I have imported to UE4

After UE4 To generated the Lightmaps UVS correctly in the UV channel 1

Now I need to export the model + textures in MODO 10, to be able to remove the UV channel 0 and leave the UV channel 1 by default

The problem is that when I import the FBX file generated in UE4 and I open it in MODO 10, the textures do not appear

How can I export the complete model so I can edit it in MODO 10

well the idea is mainly to have unreal absorb content, not create and spread.

you can still export the mesh with UV data and manually select the textures it uses and export them and rebuild the material inside MODO but, unreal sux!! at exporting materials to fbx format

Someone can give me an idea of how to delete channel 0 and leave only channel 1 generated by unreal. Ty