How can I execute multiple Console command in blueprint.

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Hello guys! I am working on my game-setting’s UI system.

I sue blueprint Execute console command to change my setting with command.

but how can I change my setting with multiple command. what will I want to do it’s

executing both

setres 800x600x32w


sg.ShadowQuality 2

in one time to change my multiple setting

Just execute the console commands one right after the other. (Console command SetRes > Console Command ShadQuality)

Or you can use a sequence node if you would prefer, but that would seem kind of pointless for this situation.

Thank you for you reply. so As you said if I want to execute two console command like

sg.ShadowQuality 2
setres 1024x600

That is what I did

> sg.ShadowQuality 2 > setres 1024x600

But it just executed first command sg.ShadowQuality 2.

Can you give me any more detail about it. thanks again.

Image 1.png

Sorry for not being more clear, I would have added screenshots but it was late.

Here is what we do for multiple settings on a button press event.


Let me know if you have any more questions.