How can i exceed the landscapeGrassType : Grass Density limit?

Hi i begin as an environment artist and I wanna do a really nice enviro for portfolio purpose.
I am capped to 1000 but I want to exceed.
I tried to add another layer of the same grass but it does not spread nice.

So I found a post complaining about this : Landscape Grass Type Max Density limit - #5 by MostHost_LA
And there is this user redletterday86 who found a solution by editing the header file :

"This is UI clamped to 1000 so you can’t manually type in a higher number but it looks like you can adjust the limit in the LandscapeGrassType.h header file.The UPROPERTY to adjust is GrassDensity.

Edit: Just tested it out by altering that header file and it works fine to up the density limit."

So I installed visual studio and I am stuck. I don’t know where to find that header file, I am not use to coding at all but it looks simple when he says it. :sob:

I really want to break that limit, please i beg you help me.

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Create larger Grass mesh clusters for open areas and use the small clump/cluster for detail paint in.

Take your base grass mesh place it in the world on a flat surface. Duplicate, rotate, move etc. Rinse and repeat until you have a nice large clump/cluster. Select all the meshes → Merge. This will create a new static mesh.

Ok i’ll try that thank you

Thank you i found a size that works very well even on slopes. slope was my fear.

i Encountered a bug on ue5, because i used a new mesh for the grass, i had no animation and RVT was not working.
I solved it by pressing set bounds on my RVT volume so it kinda refreshed it.

For performance you should create a few LoD’s. Tweak and test screen size for each until you get a nice balance. You’ll also have to mess around with cull distances too. Painted foliage culls via cluster based on the furthest instance in the cluster.

Turns out you can do it by changing the memory value, for example, using artmoney :smiley:

You should just use different grass meshes on slopes.
This can be done either by painting them in (which is the artist’s preference), or by an auto material.

Changing the Editor’s memory value sounds like a recipe for disaster. What happens when you close and re-open the project/level and all the grass maps get re-calculated, for instance?

Yes, you are right. I was searching for the way to increase foliage brush paint density, which is clamped to 1. This topic is not about it, but still, with ui brush I think this would be fine. And when doing such stuff one definitely should look in to the code.

Yes, because the instances are painted and saved into a list/array so the tool does not necessarily rebuild/replace instances, unless you direct it to.