How can i exceed the landscapeGrassType : Grass Density limit?

Hi i begin as an environment artist and I wanna do a really nice enviro for portfolio purpose.
I am capped to 1000 but I want to exceed.
I tried to add another layer of the same grass but it does not spread nice.

So I found a post complaining about this : Landscape Grass Type Max Density limit - #5 by MostHost_LA
And there is this user redletterday86 who found a solution by editing the header file :

"This is UI clamped to 1000 so you can’t manually type in a higher number but it looks like you can adjust the limit in the LandscapeGrassType.h header file.The UPROPERTY to adjust is GrassDensity.

Edit: Just tested it out by altering that header file and it works fine to up the density limit."

So I installed visual studio and I am stuck. I don’t know where to find that header file, I am not use to coding at all but it looks simple when he says it. :sob:

I really want to break that limit, please i beg you help me.

Create larger Grass mesh clusters for open areas and use the small clump/cluster for detail paint in.

Take your base grass mesh place it in the world on a flat surface. Duplicate, rotate, move etc. Rinse and repeat until you have a nice large clump/cluster. Select all the meshes → Merge. This will create a new static mesh.

Ok i’ll try that thank you

Thank you i found a size that works very well even on slopes. slope was my fear.

i Encountered a bug on ue5, because i used a new mesh for the grass, i had no animation and RVT was not working.
I solved it by pressing set bounds on my RVT volume so it kinda refreshed it.

For performance you should create a few LoD’s. Tweak and test screen size for each until you get a nice balance. You’ll also have to mess around with cull distances too. Painted foliage culls via cluster based on the furthest instance in the cluster.