How can I establish communication between a class Blueprint and animation Blueprint?

I have an actor class I’ve created - lets call it cylinder. This class has a blue print where I collect and store the player characters X and Y location in two variables called Xposition, Yposition.

This cylinder has some animations that I BlendSpace 2d between in my state machine. So you may have guessed, this cylinder class also has an Animation Blue Print/ Event Graph. In the animation graph I have the state machine already setup waiting to receive two variables for the 2D BlendSpace. These variables exist in the Class BluePrint of the cylinder. I’ve already looked over the Comms Tutorial and I know that ordinarily I should be able to create an Object Variable to that Class Blue Print, Then reference the instance in the details panel of the selected cylinder. This would allow me to drop the newly created object variable down, and use it’s variables/ functions etc…

The problem is this - I don’t see any listing in the drop down menu where you reference the Blue Print in the details panel after you have created the object Variable. It doesn’t appear to link from a Class BP, to an Animation BP. I’ve tried doing these things both directions (Object Variable to Class BP to “Get” already set data, and Object Variable to Anim BP to “Set” Variables waiting to be set.

I still haven’t heard an answer for this? Currently I’m not able to pass variables between the owning class and it’s animation graph. Anyone?

An answer to this is to use the skeletal variable in the class BP, from the skeletal object you can cast to the Anim BP that you want, then you can set variables in it from directly in your class.

Maybe, I’m not sure I follow completely but as far as referencing the anim BP maybe. In the situation above I had a class, that class had a mesh with bones/ animations so I created an Animation BP. I was trying to get my class to talk with the Animation BP. So in my class I there was the component variable “Skeletal Mesh” in the window where you create variables. So I “get” the skeletal mesh variable in my class BP, and from that node I “cast to” my animation BP - which should be listed. From there you can get/ set any variables within your Anim BP from you Class BP.

Could you please help me ,I have almost the similar situation ,I have blend poses by int node which has acive anim child nodes and I want to change them in my BP ,but can’t get the reference to active anim child index in BP.

Yes I did exactly as you ,cast to object → cast to my animblueprint and than ATLAST! "set active anim child appears .I was so happy! But when i pluggeg there ,nothing happens ,no reaction of BP I mean It does’t cast to ,I followed the debug signal goes till “set active anim child”.Thanks anyway for great solution now I know how to get external reference in my level BP, now I need to figure out why nothing happens when I cast to set active anim child.