How can I end Beam Particle Effect

I’m currently making some nice Laser Attack System.

I want Laser to emit while Player hold Mouse button.

And I also want it to raise it’s brightness and size in first 0.2 seconds,

and contrarily to decay for 0.2 seconds after player release mouse button

So this is what i tried.

I made Laser particle which includes Beam.

I extended the lifetime of Beam to 100 seconds.

And set Color over life & Size scale so that it feels like growing in 0.2 seconds.

Next, I tried to spawn “Decay particle”(which is slowly decay in size for 1 second)

when player released mouse button.

And i tried to deactivate the laser particle at the same time.

But in result, the Beam didn’t disappear and stay alive for it’s 100s life time.

is there any good way to reset the particle system component?

If u have a good idea pls tell me.

Or if u need more information about my Particle Effect i’ll reply soon

I made some project (its easier than explaining here). Press left SHIFT to turn it on\off.…olzor.rar?dl=0

I did it in a bit different way. Beams have short life, and they use additive material. So more beams brighter they become (because their emissive values add up). You can adjust fade in and out by changing how fast they spawn and maximum number of beams.

I also added line trace to see how far beam should shoot.

That is great Idea. Never thought such way! Thanks. that will help my problem