How can i encrypt my .pak files ?....PLEASE HELP!

Hi…I have made a small project and deployed it on windows platform. Somedays ago, i found out that there are many toold (UMolel and UnrealPak for example) that can EASILY Extract all my hardwork in few seconds, and i Don’t want that obviously…Then i crawled on many answers in this forum regarding this issue…But, nothing helped me. The main problem is that there are no step-by-step tutorial for this final Most Important Process and I am not a programmer and i don’t like to work with source engine and changine AES.h and building everytime…Then, i wanted to know that did the other game makers published there game without any hesitation…so, i looked upon free unreal games and i found out a game called “Radial Impact”…I was NOT able to extract any of the content of the pak files of that game (Please don’t get me wrong…i was not trying to exploit any game…I am in middle of nowhere and i really need some help, so i did this bad step)…That means that the creator of that game called “Radial Impact” has applied some sort of encryption so that the files cant be extracted…BUT…HOW DID HE DID THAT ?!!..Please Any of you reading this and knows the answer kindly post some answer as i know that there are many people like me out there…and, I also don’t know how to imply FAES encryption ( I don’t even know how the hell to add FAES…I am a blueprint guy, never made any c++ game…)