How can I enable OpenGL ES3.1?

I am planning to do some tests with OpenGL ES3.1. But today I am wondering because this option is greyed out in the settings. I get only the hint that this feature requieres GitHub Source. What can I do to activate it? Do I have rebuild the Engine with another sourcecode?

Apart from that, provide OpenGL ES3.1 a new mobile preview in the viewport? The normal one will not show all the new features like physical based shaders and so on.

Do HTML5 support OpenGL ES3.1?

Best regards, Andreas

Tegra K1 Only,then I guess you need go NVidia GitHub Source

Only Tegra K1? I am wondering why EPIC makes this so complicated. I can run OpenGL ES 3.1 demos on my LG G4. So far I know it do not have a Tegra GPU…