How can i effect one slider with a different slider?

I have one widget slider that scrolls animation , i want another slider to effect this slider.

what is the correct way to scroll an animation with more then one slider that is in different ui ,
if i clone the animation blueprint it create double transformation.

a picture with the blueprint will be very helpful.

You can do this

I appreciate the help :grinning:

good to know.
can you mark this as “Resolved” ?

can i cast slider valu to difrent blueprin?

You can dispatch sliders’ values to other actors, oftentimes without casting. But you need appropriate references, ofc. It all depends on how & where the widgets are created, same for the actors that need to receive the delegated notifications. For example:

And you can also bind it to a completely unrelated actor:

The custom event’s signature must match that of the delegated event.

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Thank you , another half related question, I’m using the Collab Viewer Template and I’m trying to trigger buttons and a slider but there is a overlapping problem any idea of how to overcame this problem ?