How can I edit the generated header files?

And before you say I shouldn’t understand that I’m aware that we’re not supposed to. I have an error in code that does not make sense. I’ve been coming over it here. I need to try something because I’m not getting anywhere the other methods. The error does not make sense. I want to manually add the structure definitions inside the generated.h. I see some strange numbers associated with each structure definition, how do these work?

#define KoreShanty_4_15_4_15_Source_KoreShanty_Public_ISC_h_672_GENERATED_BODY \
	friend KORESHANTY_API class UScriptStruct* Z_Construct_UScriptStruct_FAry(); \
	KORESHANTY_API static class UScriptStruct* StaticStruct();

672? what is that? This is clearly the structure above where my problem exists in code. This part is getting generated but the others which use this are not.

If you want to add something to the generated code, just add it to header file, or to another header file and include it to current header file, the effect will be the same as adding code to generated header.

As for editing “I shouldn’t understand that I’m aware that we’re not supposed to” problem is not need to understand, problem is you it’s pointless to edit as that code as it’s gonna be overwritten on next UHT generation, if there a issue in generated code it need to be fixed in UnrealHeaderTool so it won’t produce broken code anymore, so either inspect the UHT code or submit bug raport