How can I easily create 3D character meshes?

Hello. I am working on a first person dungeon crawler. I would like to create some enemy characters, but I’m unsure on how to begin. I can rig and animate characters but modeling always seems like a massive obstacle. I feel like I’m running into a wall whenever I reach this step. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you use Blender, try Makehuman.
Export with rig, make own cloth and other stuff.

Fuse is also a good for this.

There’s a free version on Steam, and there’s also a slighter more feature-full version with Adobe CC

Fuse gives great results, but if you ask me, without retopo the polycount is a bit over the top for gaming.
When you learn Blender you could do all that too, perhaps not so perfect like with adobe stuff, but for free and with many useful plugins.

Title says “EASILY” - and Fuse easy and free.

If the title said BEST way, I’d have suggested a 3D package of choice (like Maya LT or many other alternatives, both free and paid.)