How can I Dynamically Translate a Pivot Point?

I’m trying to create my Ball-Rolling mechanic.
The floor tilts and is the pawn.
Upon it is a bearing.
When the floor tilts, it creates the movement in the bearing.
I want the floor pivot point to be dynamically translated under the bearing.
The floor has a pivot point at 0,0,0.
The bearing has a trace starting at the centre of the sphere, ending on Z -1000 units.
The trace hits the tilting floor and casts the X,Y of the hit location to the Rotating Movement Component of the Tilting Floor.
This is where I have spent 3 DAYS!
The Trace Vector data is in the Pivot Translation variable (as you can see in the PrintString), but the pivot does not move from 0,0,0 of the floor.
Does someone know the right way to slap my head so I can figure this out? Thanks in advance.
Also, if translation is achieved, is this ONLY for rotation WITHIN the Rotation Movement Component?? AM I ON THE WRONG PATH ENTIRELY???

There should not be any green Trace under the bearing as it rolls!!