How can i draw on canvas what a camera is watching?

Hello, i want to replicate the behaviour of super smash bros when the player is not visible in the camera it shows in the hud a circle with a camera feed of what the player is doing:

How can i do this on UE 4 ? I know how to do a camera feed with Scene Capture 2D, but that feeds the data to a Render Target material and can’t draw that using canvas, only textures. Can i use the new UCanvasRenderTarget2D to achieve this?

You can create a Material. Add Texture node and set the RenderTarget as the texture source. Then you can use DrawMaterial node within the HUD blueprint to draw it on screen.

Thank you for the suggestion, i did that but when i use Draw Material Simple everything it only draws a black rect, i tried another material not connected to the render target and it has the same behaviour, do you know why this happens?

Edit: I’ve found this thread, will try it :slight_smile:

It now shows normal materials, but render to target materials are still showing black :frowning:

Got it working :smiley: Thanks :slight_smile: