How can i download ue4?i only can find ue5

I am a middle school student from China. I had a whim to make a game of my own, so I chose Unreal Engine to realize my dream. But for various reasons, I have not started work. Until 5 days ago, I had plenty of time, so I looked online for the official website of Unreal Engine. But unfortunately, I can only find ue5 but can’t find ue4 (I don’t have much pocket money, so my computer is still using win7 instead of win10, but ue5 needs win10 system), I rummaged through the entire website I can’t find ue4. Is ue4 unable to download after ue5 is released? Or for other reasons? I need a kind person who see the letter to tell me. Oh, by the way, my English is not very good. I used Google Translate to translate this letter from Chinese into English, so please forgive me if there are any sentences or grammatical errors, thank you very much! :grinning:



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