How can i display an image from disk on a slate widget ?

Hi guys,

Any help on displaying an image from disk on a widget ?

I am trying this:

SNew(SImage).Image(new FSlateImageBrush(FPaths::GameContentDir() + TEXT("default_pictures/test.jpg")), FVector2D(100, 100)))

The path is correct, i can make a UTexture2D out of it and display it on a mesh. But i can’t display it in slate.

I have tried with jpg, png, bmp with no success.

Isn’t this supposed to work ?

It has to be done at runtime, i would like to allow my users to load an image from their disk and use it to decorate their ingame pawn.



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You’re missing one slash in your path and try to pass it as an FName not as regular string, so it should look like this:

// note that '/' operator for strings will add them together but will also put '/' in between
FString ImagePath = FPaths::GameContentDir() / TEXT("default_pictures/test.jpg");

FName BrushName = FName(*ImagePath);
.Image(new FSlateImageBrush(BrushName, FVector2D(128, 128)))

I’ve tested it on .png file but it should work with .jpg just fine.

Also, if you would like to have dynamic brush on SImage take a look into FSlateDynamicImageBrush class, there are some examples in UE source code.

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Hey Szyszek,

Thanks a lot, FSlateDynamicImageBrush did the trick.

I could never have FSlateImageBrush working, no idea why (even using fname and correctly formated path).

And it seems that FSlateDynamicImageBrush works only with png files.

Fortunately FSlateDynamicImageBrush provides a constructor using UTexture2D so this is what i came with at the end:

UTexture2D* NewTexture = MyFunctionThatCreatesATextureFromFile(TexturePath);
.Image(new FSlateDynamicImageBrush(NewTexture, FVector2D(128,128), FName(*TexturePath)));

And it works fine.

Again, thanks a million times, you saved me from some hours of pain today :slight_smile: