How can i disable movement for all players in multiplayer?

I would like to have this in blueprints-

so i have a multiplayer game and at the begin of the game i want to disable the movement for every connected player and then after a countdown i want to enable it.

Set movement mode of all players to None, then set it back to walking after delay.


but where? should i do this in the game state for each player or what?

Get all players anywhere you want by this code:

better to do this in gamestate or game mode

ty - i will try this out

You are welcome)

Do you still need any help?

hm, well i spawn Players in the Gameplay GM and all Actors of class didnt work, because the very last Player can still move ( maybe i need a timer, where i call this often enough so everyone can’t move, even the last Player that spawns. Ob begin play in Char it didnt work neither so- atm i dont have the solution-right

Create some counter, then after each spawn let actor increment it. When it reaches count u need, start event which stops movement.

Wait. If you need only specific characters to be disabled you can check their ID’s and the loop.
If you need to disable their movement right after they spawn, you should spawn them with desirable mode and allow them to move after that.

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I had this problem.
I fixed it by disabling Auto-Posses in the Character Blueprint

Did you get a resolution to this?