How can i disable character's movement during a cutscene?

Hey guys, so i’m trying to figure out how to disable character’s movement during a cutscene, i looked up on other forums and some Youtube videos, but nothing really helped me since they all had different blueprints than i have, down below you have a screenshot of my blueprints, i almost finished the first part of my project and this is the only problem i got now so ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

DisableInput node, it comes off the player controller :slight_smile:

  1. Get character movement component → Set Velocity 0,0,0

  2. Get the controller → Set Ignore Move Input, Set Ignore Look Input both to true.

Level Sequence actors a have “Disable Movement Input” property that will override movement input while the sequence is playing.


For those who just want to disable character control for UI control =)


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If you have a gamepad, with this, the inputs dont work anymore :frowning:

Any other solution?