How can I disable a box collision to ignore a point system?

I’m struggling here and really could use a hand, been watching youtube videos and doing a lot of trial and error to find a way to solve my problem.

Basically, I built a Blueprint System to jump over obstacles and count it as 1 Point.

I figured that out with this guy’s tutorial here: Ue4 Turorials - Deathscyp Factory S02E15 - Simple spike trap in ue4 - YouTube

However, the part I am stuck on is trying to figure out how to disable/ignore the point system if the player touches the mesh.

I have two overlaps. One for the area above the mesh which counts it when they jump over but when I try to get it to ignore on the second mesh via a true false bool that I set up using that youtube video it still doesn’t work no matter what I try even if destroying or disabling the actor. I feel like I am close but have been stuck on this for several hours now.

The top part generates the points if the player jumps over the top collision which is apart of the first 2 overlaps

Any ideas? Any help is very appreciated even if I have to watch another youtube tutorial if you guys know of one that would help with this sort of thing.

I may be misunderstanding the question, but have you tried making a collision around the mesh as well, and make another bool variable called “HitMesh?” When you begin overlapping the mesh, set the HitMesh? to true, and then for your point tracker, when you begin overlapping the point tracker box, ask “is HitMesh? True?” If false, give a point, if true, don’t. And of course when you end overlap on the mesh, set “HitMesh?” to false.

Hmm, no I don’t think I’ve tried it that way yet, thanks, I will give that an attempt.

The closest thing is that I do have a Box Collision (third overlap at the very bottom of the blueprint that starts it) which around the object but didn’t consider/know exactly how to go about implementing it further.

Only thing I’ve tried so far that I found was destroying/disabling the collision. Also tried a couple of other things similarly but didn’t work out maybe I am doing it wrong.

I am still learning a lot of blueprinting stuff so been watching youtube vids galore to try to understand this stuff more.


I must be misunderstanding you. It almost feels like that’s what I already have but, not sure yet.

Can you make a simple blueprint example per what you said if possible? I am more of a visual learner, sorry. I read it but I think I am not doing something wrong.

Anyways, I’m gonna go take a break for awhile and then I will come back to it and try again…

Yeah, I’ll put some sample code together, gimme a minute.

alt text


Yep, that fixed it and even made the code a heck of a lot simpler! Thanks a ton!