How can I differentiate between child actors on trace?

Inside my puzzle_bp I have a “core” child actor set to the child actor class (core_bp) and it is on one trace channel (rotateWholePuzzle). This allows me to rotate the entire puzzle around any which way and it works fine. I’m rotating the entire puzzle from the PuzzleController with the RMB using a GetHitResultUnderCursorByChannel. This is all working fine.

In the puzzle_bp, I also have “piece” child actors attached to the core child actor and they are set to the child actor class (piece_bp) and they are on a different trace channel (pieceRotate.)

I’m trying to use the LMB to rotated the individual piece child actors. I can again cast to the puzzle_bp and from the “as puzzle_bp” I have access to all of the piece child actors attached to it, but I can’t figure out how to differentiate between which one of these my cursor is on. The get hit result only seems to return the whole puzzle_bp, not the core or the individual pieces. It isn’t a problem when I want to rotate the entire thing, but it is a problem when I just want to rotate a single piece.

How can I determine which individual child actor my mouse cursor is over?


Use the Hit Component from result.

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Thanks for the response.

Much appreciated.