How can I diff component properties

I have been wrongly assuming that when I compare BPs, it was including changes to properties to the components. However, if I adjust a property of a component and then do the following:

  • Click diff against depot on a BP
  • Click on the defaults thing

There is no mention of the component property changed.

Worse, clicking revert means the object is no longer marked as having changed or indeed even shows up as having changed in Git (I am using Git via this plugin) but still has the changed component value.

Restarting the editor resets the values (After calling revert) so presumably the values are in the .uasset file, so why don’t they show up in the diff and why do their values only get reset after restarting the editor.

It sure would be nice to see an answer to this question. Component properties do not seem to be showing up in a Blueprint Diff at all. :slight_smile: I am using 4.13.1.