How can I diagnose my Input not going to my pawn?

I read all the questions on this already. I have a class blueprint that is a defaultPawn. So the issue is that the blueprint doesn’t get input, i tried to autolisten to player0 in default tab, or inside the event graph put a node that enable Input, my playerController doesn’t block input nor consume the input in the eventgraph node. Im sure it’s not from the input binding easier. The only way i can get the input to work on this blueprint is by setting auto posses but it doesn’t solve the issue.
ps: i tried using the fps and blank template.

Hey Raikoh,

One thing you can try out to work through your input problem is using the console command showdebug input. This will show you the Input Stack meaning which blueprints have input priority and might help track down where your input might be getting blocked or consumed potentially. You can pull up the console anytime during PIE with the ` key. Here is what the debug print out will look like, and also pointing out the Input stack:


Hope that helps!


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Thx, it is an awesome command, helps a lot but i still can’t figure this out. Maybe one day i will be able to make it work :frowning:

edit: i got it working, not sure what i did right to make it work tho :slight_smile:

Hey Raikoh,

Glad you got it working–if you figure out what was blocking you, please post so future users can see your solution.



I think i finally got it, im new to Unreal so it was a newbie mistake as i expected. So i read this in the doc : “Whether this Pawn’s input handling is enabled. Pawn must still be possessed to get input even if this is true.” (

I was trying to get my input from Pawn blueprint instead of from the Controller blueprint of the Pawn.