How can i develop with my friend on 1 project?

I want to develop with my friend? Is it possible to do this?
That he is on his Computer and i am on my computer and we can work on the same project?

Excuse me for my bad englisch.


You sure can… Its a program called Perforce. It allows multiple people to use the same projects (and assets)… It works by keeping a local copy of the files on your local workstation…or…WORKSPACE. Then, when you are done working with your files you SUBMIT them to the DEPOT where other people can download them into their own workspace. There is a lot more to it, like version control, branching (streams) and how to handle conflicts. Check this out:

This is an excellent tutorial on how to use a free DEPOT (assembla) for your code hosting.

Hope this helps… if it does, please mark resolve.