How can I detect touch input location on a mesh?


I’m a beginner trying to work my way through some basics and I’m confused on how to proceed. I appreciate whatever help can be provided!

In a top-down view billiards game (like 8 Ball Pool, for example), I’d like to be able to touch and drag near one end of the cue and set its rotation for aiming purposes. I also want to touch and pull back near the other end to set the speed of the shot.

In other words, depending on where the touch event starts on the location of the cue stick, I want to take different actions (and if the touch event starts in the middle portion of the cue, I want to take no action).

Roughly speaking, how might I go about setting up something like this using Blueprints?

Hello! You can deproject current screen pos of touch|cursor and use world direction from it to line trace. Line trace can give you actor and hit location. Docs are here:

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