How can i detect Mouse Click Event in Editor Viewport(Before Play Button)

how can i detect Mouse Click Event in Editor Viewport ?

if i Click Mouse Left Button, Something Function is called so i can do somthing in the function.

i dont want after play button(not beginplay, not EventTick)

if that can’t

i want detect keyboard Input in Editor(mainly OnConstructionScript)

I intended that if i click somthing actor by mouse left button, then i do something to that actor.
(in the Actor’s Consctruction Script)

Im not on my PC so i can‘t check.

Go into your actors construction script an see if you can add the event OnClicked. If this exists in construction you should be able to use it just like you would in the eventgraph.

how can i bind Function(Delegate) with OnCliked Event?

i tryed but it couldn’t