How can I detect 2 fingers event in BP ?

I do not speak English well. (English is not the native language ^^)

I would like to zoom in/out with 2 fingers on mobile phone devices (iPhone device or Galaxy… and so forth).
How can I detect 2 fingers event in BP ? (zoom in/out, rotation…)

In BP, I found “InputTouch” node.
And I could found some parameter like “Touch 1, Touch 2, … , Touch 10” at “Finger Index”.

Q 1>
What is “Touch 1” enum?
Is it **one **finger touch? Or **first **finger touch?
And… “Touch 2”.
Is it **two **fingers touch? Or **second **finger touch?

Q 2>
How can I test 2 fingers touch event in Windows PC?
I tried to use left mouse click as one finger touch.
and I tried to use ??? as two fingers touch.

Thx in advance.


This mean how many fingers touched the screen. UE not recognise which finger touch screen - pink, middle or thumb :slight_smile:
In windows you can test only one finger touch. For this you need in Project Setting/Engine/Input/Mouse Properties activate Use Mouse for Touch. In other cases, you need testing on mobile device.

In your BP, You used “Sequence” node.
I think… “Touch 2” location means 2nd finger’s location. Is it right?
Does it means that Distance of “Touch 1” location and “Touch 2” location is real distance of two fingers?

And I will test on mobile device as soon as possible. Thanks.