How can I delete my account or change my email?

Hello all!

Well, the thing is that I’m retarded and after create an account I realized I wrote wrong my email:

As you can see in the image, I wrote “hitmail” instead of “hotmail”. I cannot verify my account or change the email, so what can I do?

I would easily create another account but I dont like to leave “ghost accounts”; apart from I want my nickname and I cannot write it again because it is be using on this account.


Support told me a while ago that they will make you change your email soon™ within the account management, I don’t know when. ATM for you to be-able to change your email address you need to contact them on their support email address.

Email I got:

Thanks again for contacting Epic Games Player Support.
We are currently unable to update your email address per your request.
You will soon be able to change your Epic account email address on your account page by clicking here.
After you are able to change your email address make sure you take the next step to verify it by clicking on the link to resend the verification at the top of the personal page.
Finally, for additional account security please enable two-factor authentication by clicking on the enable button here.
We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve your Epic experience!

Do you get to change it or what is the status? I have the same problem now


We can not verify an account with a dodgy email address… hence what is the point of needing to verify?

I have the same problem. The email has been removed thus put different one in. But it will not let me do it.