How can I decrease the size of an fbx model?

My english isn`t the best sry

You can adjust the scale in the import settings when you import it into Unreal.

2 ways you can do this:

  • When importing, adjust the scale in the import settings box. This will adjust the default scale of every instance you put in the level.
  • After importing, place the item in your level. Press “R” to change the helper handle to Scale (cubes at the end of each axis handle). Click on the axis you want to scale on (or the center ball to select all axes) and drag to scale up or down. You have to do this for each instance you put in your level, but you can make each one a different size.

Are you Importing Model To unreal or Exporting It From Unreal.
If You Importing To Unreal Then You Have To Use Smooth Mesh.
If Exporting From Unreal Their Is always Heavy Model From Unreal You can Export the part that you need rather than Exporting whole Part of that model.

Can You be more Specific What Exactly You Want To Do…Then I Can Help You.