How Can I Create Voxel/Blocky Landscape?


I have been doing some research but I honestly cannot find how to create a voxel type landscape. The easiest way to explain what I am looking to create is how the landscape is in Minecraft except I won’t be needing to destroy any of it. Are there any good plugins or tutorials that go over how to does this?

Thanks in advance!

Could you make that in modelling software?

You could import a heightmap into World Painter (software specifically for landscape editing in Minecraft), then simply export. Depending on the resolution etc you’ll have a blocky/voxel type terrain.

Using world machine, you can use the re-scaling features in the clamp device (set to cubic) and you can control the amount of cubes etc based on the resolution of your input and clamp device.

Would using a static mesh as the landscape not have a negative impact on performance?

I tried using a heightmap but they don’t seem to work for voxel maps. I’ll give world machine a go and see how it ends up, thanks for the tips!

Also just so you know, that clamp/re-scale feature - it’s only in WM 3.x.x.x and up as far as I know, i.e. not accessible with the free version(which I think has been 2.3 for quite a while).

If you know how to code it’s not too hard to make it in C++. There’s even tutorial here which helps you set it up and generate terrain. There are couple of parts that are missing bit of information so I suggest you use the GitHub project to check out the code parts of the tutorial.

If you don’t want to code then I suppose you could do it with static meshes. If you’re going to have bunch of meshes then I suggest you familiarize yourself with instanced static meshes to avoid performance problems.

Nope. Landscape is purely heightmap based so it won’t be good fit with voxel land.

Just make the world with modelling software and split it to smaller parts so engine don’t need to render everything all the time.