How can I create this setup ?

I’m a beginner in Unreal Engine, I know how to create the usual walkthrough but how can i create a seperate controller on a tablet screen to control the walkthrough ? what do i have to learn or research, any advice would be appreciated thanks.

You can do this in a variety of ways:

You can use multiplayer and networking: If you want to control the walk-through on a separate device, you will need to learn about Unreal Engine’s multiplayer and networking features. This will allow you to communicate between the tablet and the game on the other device.

You can treat the screen as one and just divide the view and interface on the screen.

There are many ways, and the best way to set it up would be based on the hardware you will end up using.

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I like the second solution a lot seams much less complicated to do, can you please tell me which topics i need to research to be able to achieve such task, i want them be integrated as a single device as you said divide them, I am very keen on making this work , please any advice would be great! and thanks for your reply sir.

Simply create a UI for the bottom screen (Mind the resolution when working), meanwhile you keep the top portion of the screen free to only be used for display. You can then use the Windows settings to extend the screen: Redirecting

Finally run the game and it should work in a full size view.

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