How can I create textures in Unreal Engine 4.10.2? For my learning this engine

I am looking to know how I create a texture

i have the EXACT same question…i think it has something to do with already created meshes

im assuming you came from source, youll soon learn that unreal is 10000x better. you dont make textures in unreal, you make materials. to make a material just right click in the content browser and choose material. Materials have textures inside of them, and you can edit them in almost any way imaginable, in fact, its one of the best parts of the engine. The basic difference between the 2 is that a texture is a 2d image and materials take those 2d images and make them look 3d. you can download a ton of awesome free for commercial use textures to use in the material editor form If you really want to make your own, use a tool like Gimp, photoshop, or NeoTextureEdit. To make them specifically for meshes, you need to make them in the 3d modeling program you used to make the mesh like blender maya, or 3dsmax

Thanks for your help, I will try to create some stitches.