How can i create saved game list (load widget)?

Hello Guys,

After deep research and many failed attempt here i am, i would like to ask you, how can i call my saved game files via widget, i just wanna create a list (widget) select and load the lvl or data whatever stored. There is no tutorial about it ! This guy made it but there is no blueprint about widget : How Do I Find Save Game Files That Have Been Copied To The Save Folder (Blueprint Coding)? - Unreal Engine Forums

Any idea or sample ?



Guys i need that so badly any idea ?

Assuming you have multiple saved games already:

  • create a widget that will hold and display a list of saved games - a LoadMenu
  • create a widget that will visualise a saved game - a LoadMenuSlot
  • loop through the saved games and check if they exist
  • if a slot exists, create a new *LoadMenuSlot *widget and add it to the LoadMenu’s container
  • since you’ll, most likely, want to display info about the save game, you might as well load it, have the widget take it apart and display the pertinent bits [HR][/HR]Now, if you think that loading 200 saved games just to display their info is just silly, you’re probably right. Consider creating another save game object whose only purpose is to track and index regular saved games. Create your widgets based on that *SaveGameManager’s *data instead. The bullet points above still apply.

Hey @Everynone thank you again for your respond as usual, here my current system for save and load which is working pretty well even copy from another computer (save files) you can load them if you fill correct name into slot (text box) !, I just want instead of write into load slot (text box) system (pic.1) replacing with kind of scan save folder show the results (pic.2) click and load (even copied save files from another computer !)



In a nutshell i don’t know how to scan save folder and seeing the saved files there via widget !

Thank you for your time and interest…

The blueprint save game system is rather simplistic and revolves around slot names. I wouldn’t let the end user modify those. If they want to name their save game, fine, let them have an extra variable inside the SaveGameObject.

The idea behind this is that the slots have predetermined names. You create their names in a loop via an index, check if they exist and then load them, if desired.

Writing your own save game manager can be useful, something that I mentioned above. For something more advanced, you will need a plugin or a custom c++ solution.

btw: the casts in your blueprints are redundant - see the blue note at the bottom of the node.

Hey @Everynone thank you very much for your quick respond i will try…