How can I create realistic hedges like these please? - Hell Let Loose using Unreal 4?

The hedges in Hell Let Loose look amazingly realistic. Does anyone know how this effect can be achieved please?
Not sure if SpeedTree supports this kind of thing?


Any assets out there for sale that would achieve this look? The only hedges I’ve found look like trimmed garden hedges.

Hi Sutts99,

My name is Caleb and I’m the Online Product Manager for SpeedTree. I figured I’d reach out about your question while I was browsing the forums. Simply put, this sort of effect can be most easily achieved at runtime with a combination of HDR lighting, high quality shadows, and low to medium poly-count models in your scene.

Also quick plug while I’m here, we’ve got plenty of high quality low poly-count models on our official store that you can buy in individual models or bundled species packs. Also, you can custom create your own assets with our software if you’d rather, and export them directly to UE4. Links below if you’re interested:

There are also some amazing content creators on YouTube who specialize in this exact sort of thing and can help you get your scene set up so that it’s as realistic as possible without being too hardware intensive.

Thanks for your advice Caleb, I’ll definitely be signing up for Speedtree and its editor. It would be great if you could produce an English tree/shrub pack - English Oak, Beech, Ash, Elm, Hawthorn etc. I’m sure many European modellers would snap it up.

Thank you Caleb, what a excellent editor, i notice the selection of Australian Gum trees, all look so ultimately real, and certainly gaming is going to come a long way.

Glad I could help, and thank you for the kind responses! @Sutts99 I looked around and while we do have some varying Beech tree models on the store, the other species you mentioned have yet to be modeled in v8 and I’m sure our artists will appreciate the suggestions! I’ll pass it along and hopefully we’ll have some new stuff up soon.

Good luck!

Thanks Caleb, looking forward to using Speedtree, it’s an incredible product and I’ve seen it in action in flight simulators where thousands of trees are rendered. Very impressive stuff. It does a great job of the LOD too as distant forests look very real. English Sycamore is another important tree that I forgot to mention. Thanks,