How can I create new meshes?

Hey guys,
first at all, I know this belongs to the answerhub section. But for some strange reason i can’t login there. Theres always the message “An Internal error has occurred and we are sorry for the inconvenience.”

So I hope its ok to ask here:

Iam completely new to UE4, but already have some knowledge with the “Blender” software.

I wanted to know how I can create new objects, like a lamp for example. In the editor itself I can only find basic geometry objects and some meshes from starter content.

I already found a way to export/import objects from Blender. But is there an own mesh editor inside the UE4?

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UE4 is not for creating meshes. You need to create those meshes in third party software like Blender, 3d , or Maya. Then import them into UE4. However, you can create static meshes from the basic geometry you found in the editor.

You can create meshes in the UE4 -> they are called BSP, but I would recommend you to always create your meshes in blender or any other 3d program. On the wiki you can find a blender to UE4 tutorial -> there you can see what you have to add (e.g 2nd uv channel, collision,…)

Yea I already used your great tutorial :wink:
Seems really easy importing and creating stuff!