How can I create HitStop system base on different section of the Montage?

I am developing an Action Game that has a lot of hitstops. A hitstop is a function that called every time the player hit the enemies. What I wanna do is to freeze the animation both on player and the enemies got hit. What’s more, as my game has a lot of different combos, I hope I can customize the hitstop time(maybe frames) base on different attack sections that hit the enemies.
Can anyone provide a thinking that I can start with? (I am a designer and using BluePrint)

Thanks dude! It works but it is not the final destination that we want. I am wondering whether there is another way to freeze the animation that I can easily adjust the freezed frames.

Hello Visionzhang, If you want to make a hitstop you gotta freeze only the damage causer, damaged actor, and the particles, i don’t know much about particle coding, but what i know is that you can freeze animations from the montage editor Or the animation itself, all you need is a notify, i haven’t done it yet but i just searched for it and found a node for freezing animation:
( Is it possible to freeze an animation? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums )
what you want to do is after you apply damage you gotta call this notify event (you can put a short delay after the “set global anim rate scale” node and set it back to 1), this way you can freeze the animation right as the actor deals damage, as for the damaged actor, you can put the notify event on the “event any damage” node, it was a big deal for me and i didn’t know about the animation rate scale node, i thought i had to use the global time dilation node to make a hitstop, i don’t know much about particles but i think if it has a particle blueprint there should be a freeze node for it too, i hope this helped!