How can I create grass textures like this?

I have spent many hours in photoshop, but I never get my textures look realistic.

Look the attached texture, it looks great, and it seems very realistic in the editor.

You can do it in two ways:

  1. take some pictures of real-life grass blades - delete the background - make some grass patches with the single blades -> (those meshes were made in this way)
  2. download some grass blade brushes for photoshop - paint them so that you have grass patches - add a colour :slight_smile:

The way that I did it was by using Blender to create a hair particle system in a greenish colour and using that to render an image with a transparent background. That can then be applied to a plane later on.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but hair from blender cannot be applied as grass inside the engine

Make 3d grass in your 3d editing software of choice - poly model it like you’re modeling anything else. Turbosmooth it.
Vertex paint some color variation if you know how to do that.
Duplicate the grass until you have a good amount - you can use the object paint feature if you’re using 3DSMax, but don’t go crazy you still want it to have breathing space.
Bake it onto a plane - normal and diffuse you can get the alpha from the diffuse.

Make a couple versions of this.

And you’re done.

He said “using that to render an image with a transparent background” he didn’t actually applied hair from blender as grass he rendered a flat image with transparency from the hair in blender.

This type of grass could be made in photoshop using a realistic picture of grass, just define the majory colors and ignore the rest of the details, but the other approaches here are nice too.

Before I forget it, here is a good grass tutorial: :slight_smile: