How can I create force fields (like in 3D packages) in U4 for directional turbulence

Hi everyone.
What is the best way to go about creating directional turbulence (like erratic wind) onto actors, static meshes, etc.
in U4?
I searched around but couldn’t really find anything on it.
I know how to create wind with wind node that is not what I mean.
I have a rope bridge and I need it to move around in the wind high on a mountain top.
I know I can put bones in it and just animate it but wondering if there is an easier way.
In Blender and other 3D packages you have “force fields”.
Picture pasted below.
Thank you for your kind answers.


Radial force actors maybe…

Yeah I think a combination of radial force and constraints … something like that :slight_smile:

Making the rope bridge swing back and forth may require several applied forces and constraints to look right, whereas just applying velocities directly could get you there faster… This is commonly used for creating vertical-lift / anti-gravity i.e. jet-pack thrusters. But your usage is mostly lateral… Presumably you’re planning to have the rope bridge bend and sway, so will you use soft-body physics? If so applying velocities directly might look best…

Sounds good thank you. I am going to try a cheap way first and just make the whole thing a mobile mesh. Then animate in Matinee. :slight_smile:

Morph targets !!!

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