How can I create dismemberment of my enemies?

I am looking for a way to dismember enemies on certain events in game (like hit or explosion) dynamically at hit locations and also of specific predefined body parts of enemies (like head or arms).

It will be great to know a way of achieving this using blueprints as i am not a programmer .I appreciate it!

You will need to manipulate the bone on the mesh that is hit. A HitResult struct will return both the component and bone name.
You can then hide that bone and all of its children, spawn some effects, spawn a independent leg mesh, apply impulse to that part of the component, etc.

Any of the standard tracing features or collision callbacks that return a HitResult should be enough for your needs.

edit: It appears that HideBone and HideBoneByName are not exposed to blueprints so you probably have to code it up for now.

This post has some good information as well: How could I create a dismemberment functionality? - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks for the reply .Can you please tell me more in detail about hiding bones.

Are there any resources where I can find more information on hiding bones?

For UE4, currently, there isn’t anything available beyond the discussion and links in the linked to post. Your best bet would to look into how skeletal animation and skinning works in detail to understand what it means to hide a bone or reduce its weighting, but that might be beyond the scope of your issue and also too programming heavy.

I might just wait until the UT guys implement gibbing on their side and copy what they do.