How can I create collection items to end the game?

How can I create collection items by blueprints?
3 Collection items that end the game
○ Can keep track of a single int value
○ Unlock door to get these items
○ Notify the player he/she has won

Thats a large amount of questions for one answerhub question maybe better suited to the forums although simple searching shuold answer your question however heres the basics.

Create a widget W_youWin with your win screen or a map called youWin

Create a gamemode class called GM_myGame and create a varaible in it of type int called PickupsCollected add in the logic Event Tick() → branch(PickupsCollected = 3) → CreateWidget(W_youWin) (or OpenLevel(youWin) if you want the level)

Create 3 blueprints of the actor class and add overlap components to them and the logic OnCompoentOverlap(OverlapComponent) → GetGameMode then drag off the blue return pin and cast to GM_myGame then drag off its pin and set PickupsCollection to PickupsCollected + 1 (preferably after a do once node) and then → destroyActor (self)

Create a blueprint that has a door mesh and when a certain conditon is met SetWorldRotation(0,0,90) to ‘open’ the door. This requires more info of what you mean by “unlock door to get these items”. Does it need a key? Does it need to be attacked? Doesit need to just be walked up to?

Now when you overlap the overlap components of all 3 pickups it will satisfy the win condition in your gamemode.

Make sure your maps have their gamemode set to GM_myGame

Hope this helps
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Does it work in side scrolling project?