How can I create Capture the flag, territory and VIP game modes?

How may i do a Capture the Flag or Objective Game Style in UE4? i see before that code ? i want to take MP game and some game style inside (capture the flag or objective, team dead match, territory and VIP) dead match is on shooter Template, same team dead match, but… how may i do a Objective? and the other ones??

You would need to create a gamemode for that. Shooter Game already has free-for-all and TeamDeathmatch. You would either need to make a new gamemode off of the gamemode class or since it would be similar one off teamdeathmatch.

Dear Sir thank you for your answer , probably i didn’t a good question, but i know about classes , my issue is the algorithmic inside that class to make work “Capture the flag” or wherever Other Game style, whats the good order to do inside the class?