How can I create and use a multiplayer server?

How can I use multiplayer? I found a slider saying client, but all it did was make my game lag, and mess up my damage.

Hi 2 stooges,

Have you had a look at our blueprint networking tutorial? It may be able to help you further!

What does your current blueprint look like?

Thanks Adam. That really helps.

We would like to see tutorials on C++ not Blueprints, if you could please give examples and Tutuorials on that it would be fantastic.

Hi AcT-Cyrus,

Here are a few links that can be found on the wiki:

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums,Using_ReplicatedUsing/_RepNotify_vars

If you post on the forums at in the C++ section the community is typically more than happy to help with code related questions! We have more C++ tutorials on the way, but I unfortunately do not have a timeframe of when those will be made available.